The need for Activation, not just communication.

The ultimate guide for leaders

There are thousands of businesses out there right now, who have a great brand, a great product or service, a great strategy,and a great team of people, the thing is not all of them will be successful.

The businesses who have the highest chance of success have leaders who not only communicated their intent but have sought to activate their people from the boardroom to the frontline.

So what does an activated employee look like?

In this whitepaper we will cover the four key elements in the People Activation model:

Pride in purpose

Proud to be impacting people and the wider world.


Harnessing energy to optimise performance and drive.


Using purpose to create value for people, customers and business.


Personal connections built around trust, empathy and positivity.

Who are People Activation?

We help companies maximise employees' contribution to the success of your business by making live communications more effective. And we do this by creating hands-on experiences that help your people make a positive impact.

These experiences inspire, involve and driveaction. We find exciting ways for your people to discuss and explore why your message matters, this is where Activation happens.

Clients we've helped activate

Boehringer Ingelheim
Nestle Purina

People Activation is the perfect description for what they do. What they pull out of the people they work with, their own team, the partners they bring in, the clients they’re working with and the employees on the day, it brings out the best in all of those to create something genuinely, genuinely special.

Martyn Wells, Capital One

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