Connecting 7000 employees to the purpose
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Having faced a challenging time, TalkTalk wanted 
to connect some 7000+ employees to their purpose. 
We worked closely with Tristia Harrison and created 
the strategic narrative for all 2017 communications. 
This was then developed into a message house that 
was communicated to everyone in the business.
positive shift in how well attendees understand TalkTalk's purpose.
The narrative was supported by video content that was submitted by employees and turned into short films. This employee-generated content highlighted real customer stories that brought the purpose to life and enabled us to communicate content that was genuine and authentic.

We turned a number of Purpose Champions into film makers through the Seen-It app, as they were tasked with finding examples of the company values being lived. This user-generated content will continue to be shared throughout 2017, keeping everyone inspired and informed.
TalkTalk employees attended the event or watched via webcast.
The structure was perfect. 
Short, sharp and succinct. Hit the nail on the head with our purpose, love the house visual and it feels like we can achieve our ambitions.
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