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Our brief was to have a complete step-change 
for the yearly all-company update. The priorities for the business had changed with a larger focus on spend reduction, 
so we had to re-think how to achieve the same excitement and engagement as previous years’ face-to-face updates, but spending less on a tighter production budget.
of people want TalkTalk Live 
to be presented as a webcast 
in the future.
For our solution, we created a must-see highly interactive all company webcast that we filmed live and transmitted to all colleagues at all sites and remote workers to watch wherever they were located. We re-named and re-branded the event so that it felt fresh and relevant. We teased the live show in pre-comms and made sure that the excitement built just like it would for the first episode of a highly anticipated television series.

For the show itself, we pre-filmed segments, built 3 different bespoke sets in a TV studio 
and planned the fast-paced engaging content second-by-second just like a TV show. 
There were live polls, questions, interviews 
and ‘cut- to’ scenes keeping the entertainment levels ramped up to the max.
of employees would recommend TalkTalk to family or friends. 
Up from 56% pre-event.
Really modern approach, championing 
our cost reduction principles- to the point, 
fun & informative. Lots of concise information delivered really well & well received. 
Thank you!
TalkTalk Employee