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Agile & Beyond / The Dragonfly Cup
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200 FDEs, 2 days, a suite of agile working ways to embed. Challenge accepted! Using escape rooms, treasure hunts and customer challenges we co-created an experience with Fujitsu that embedded agile working.
of participants rated their conference experience as good/excellent.
Arriving at Twickenham on day one of the event the FDEs were greeted by Agile & Beyond, an event they thought would follow the usual flow of the event they had attended for the past few years. And the first half of day 1 did. However, upon being seated in the main plenary towards the end of the day they were immersed in an interruptive light and film show, narrated by an actor, that introduced the true identity of the conference; The Dragonfly Cup.

The Dragonfly Cup bought to life agile ways of working and spanned across a day and a half. Part 1 of the Dragonfly Cup was the Dragonfly Intelligence Service training facility, a selection of escape room and treasure hunt activities designed to bring Fujitsu’s agile ways of working to life. These activities primed the FDEs with the skills needed to tackle part 2 of the Dragonfly Cup, the customer challenges. Over the course of a day the FDEs used agile ways of working to tackle real customer challenges from the likes of the Home Office, Bridgestone and Children in Need.
of participants felt the event embedded effective team working and agile traits.
Energetic, engaging and challenging 
(in a good way). Probably the best Fujitsu event I’ve been to this year, by a long way. A well planned out event that forced collaboration.
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