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Uniting employees after a business merger
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The new Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health division was formed following a strategic swap with Sanofi. With a merger comes excitement as well as inevitable uncertainty as people wonder what it will means to them individually. 
Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health wanted to host an event that would unite the new leadership team, share the new strategy and vision as well as collaboratively developing 
the culture for the new company.
More global leaders feeling part 
of one team and one culture. (The No.1 Conference Objective)
We created an interactive and immersive experience that focused on the importance of networks and utilised the knowledge of the people in the room. The experience included a flash mob orchestra and transported the delegates into the year 2025 where they explored the worlds of four customers in interactive exhibition spaces. Reflection and networking time was created throughout 
the programme to ensure delegates created long lasting valuable relationships. Hands on activities took priority over traditional presentation formats, ensuring the focus was on people - learning from one another and sharing passion.
of delegates rated the 
2017 Global Leadership Conference excellent
No more Merial legacy and Boehringer Ingelheim legacy. Just one new Animal Health division.
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