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Utilising a business’ leadership team to source solutions to a business wide challenge.
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The business faced a tough challenge that required focussed action from leaders. The challenge required the input of many to solve, as there wasn’t just one solution to provide an overall result. Through a hackathon, numerous solutions were created that could be implemented in different areas of the business.
Of participants were clear on the messages that needed to be communicated from the Global Conference.
Delivering tough news to leaders whilst keeping them inspired and engaged is no easy feat. As well as getting hands on solving a business wide challenge through a hackathon that extended across two days. The delegates took part in an interactive exhibition which demonstrated the adjacent business areas 
and the value they bring, exciting the audience in 
the future.
The conference was wrapped up by an emotive closing performance that instilled the impact these leaders and their teams are having on humanity.
Of participants were clear on the business priorities and what actions they must take.
Inspired to lead as it provided clarification on the why and provided tools for how.
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