Utilising technical talent to solve customer challenges
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In September 2017 we worked with the top engineers from Fujitsu, the Distinguished Engineers, all of whom had been recognised for their technical excellence and awarded with the FDE status. Having some of the world's foremost technical talent at our fingertips it made sense to engage them in a true co-creation experience, with the outcome of delivering real solutions to customer problems.
found the conference innovative and engaging
6-hours and 21 ideas later in a simple workshop activation, real customers were presented with solutions and ideas bursting with potential and innovation that blew them away. The event was a testament as to what can be achieved when you challenge the status quo, and enable talent to shine under pressured circumstances.
are interested in doing a customer challenge again
The output of the day, and the energy involved was a pleasure to see, and from a personal perspective very inspiring as well. Judging the final efforts of the teams through their excellent model making skills proved extremely difficult, but with the help of the Fellows I think we chose the right winner on the day.
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