How do you re-energise employees during a time of uncertainty?


Williams & Glyn


Re-energise employees during a time 
of uncertainty


Face to face roadshows focussed on recognising the constants

When it was announced that W&G would be transitioned back into RBS, W&G wanted to run a series of roadshows that would re-energise their employees and bring the business together. We created roadshows across 8 UK locations, with leadership breakfasts and two sessions per day. Production, set design and session content were all created with ‘high impact, low key’ in mind to ensure it wasn’t going to be seen as flashy or extravagant, particularly in terms of budget. The theme of ‘Pass it on’ was developed to encourage colleagues to recognise each other and share good news, create a shared feeling of ownership and drive momentum throughout the business during these uncertain times.



were Clear or Very Clear on our strategy, purpose, visions and values.


rated the event Excellent, Very Good or Good overall.

Great to see a very ‘people-led’ agenda. The company is about the people.

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