How do you unite a team in a virtual awards celebration?

Club 3.0 Awards

A 1.5 hour remote live activation, inviting 150 attendees to join the management team in an afternoon of celebration

Because this was a rare chance for all employees to be “together”, we wanted to ensure that the event wasn’t purely a “sit and listen” TV-show style event, but rather one that was interactive and gave all participants the chance to get involved and interact with their colleagues.

Using pre-recorded videos to announce the winners, the management team made the announcements with great energy and some went as far as involving their families, jumping into pools and embracing the “stay at home glam” theme. By using pre-recorded videos, it allowed us to ensure we had maximum control, without losing any production value for the audience. Because of the simplicity of playing videos to announce the winner, this also gave us time to ensure that we could align the “backstage” production to give us the opportunity to bring the winner onto screen in real-time. Through doing so, we could see the winners’ instant joyful reactions.



enjoyed the virtual 3.0 awards


found the format interactive and engaging

“As close as possible to having us all together” “Genuinely felt like you were part of something”

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