How do you unite a global organisation through shared values?



UN World Food Programme Culture Transformation

Co-create a set of values, uniting and engaging all employees, develop launch, and activate the values

We delivered a campaign that encouraged participation across all 19,000 staff in 90 countries in a Values Consultation Exercise where they got to input and engage with the shaping of their future values at an early stage. This resulted in 5 clear values that showed total alignment across all global locations.

We gave each value a cut-through identity that works on their own but also as a set of bright and colourful designs that subtly bring to life the meaning of the value. Working closely with the WFP Internal Communications team, we developed a launch plan for the values, which included a series of films introducing the values, a suite of campaign assets and a remote activation workshop with 20 global representatives helping to shape an activation campaign to run for 12 months.



employees were given the opportunity to input and engage with the shaping of their future values.


countries have engaged in the values launch.