How do you engage your top talent in UN goal 11 Sustainable cities?



Shape the future of society. Sustainable Cities.

A 2 day live event that inspired Fujitsu’s top technical talent to drive positive global change

We united Fujitsu under one common goal - United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 11. With insights from leading experts and an engaging hackathon, teams put their innovation to the test and were empowered to co-create solutions that have the potential to impact the future of society. With sustainability at the heart of the experience, we consciously considered every material and touchpoint, From plantable lanyards to hands-on insights, #FDEConf2019 was filled with ideation, innovation, IT expertise and action, connecting powerful collaboration with human-centric tech solutions.



said the overall FDE 2019 conference was fun, interactive and engaging


of delegates believe that Fujitsu has the potential to make a positive change in the world

Professionally organised and run, as ever the interaction was excellent.

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