How do you grow sales from 4 million to 100 million in 4 years?




Deliver significant behaviour change to grow sales from 4 million to 100 million in 4 years


Dynamic campaign of events

A campaign of events (6 to date) each of which built the sales forces’ belief and knowledge in the product and the customer. The product had the potential to be Game Changing for patients, our strategy was to inspire the individuals within the sales force by positioning them the real ‘Game Changers’: they are the people who will determine it’s success. The dynamic series of events involved real patients, customers and bespoke business activities designed to bring the business case to life.

The result: Sales have grown in 4yrs £4M > £114M and the product is the Market Leader.



said they are now clear how to win the brand battle and improve the standard of care.


agreed/strongly agreed they have a clear action plan to help drive the success of the product.

Rapport have really understood our needs as a business and enabled us to deliver highly effective interventions for our sales people. That both had high impact but more importantly built a strong narrative that resonated with the sales force and made a huge difference to our motivation and belief. That has led to unprecedented sales success in the Pharma Industry.

Colin Tyrer National Sales Manager