How do you unite a global leadership team behind a strategy during a global pandemic?

Remote Live Leaders Summit 2020

A pioneering remote live event with interactive workshops connecting 200 leaders across 40 countries

Meet, discuss and exchange views; these are the fundamentals of business decision making. This activation needed to involve all 200 leaders - it needed to be participatory rather than a one-way broadcast. Ultimately it needed to drive actionable outcomes from this remote live meeting.

Our unique platform JAM powered a broadcast quality like programme which enabled us to have complete control of the viewer experience. We could determine what they view whether that be presentations, panel discussions, video or interactivity. The interactivity allowed attendees to contribute ideas in a design sprint style, vote on ideas, answer polls and questions, submit comments and questions for the speakers.



agreed/strongly agreed the variety of session types, films and the host helped keep you engaged throughout the 3-day programme.


agreed/strongly agreed the global live remote aspect of this meeting helped unite the team.

Delivering this event as a virtual meeting, enabled the meeting to focus on what was truly important in a condensed and much more impactful way.

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